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At Aayka, we understand designing the dream bridal party looks. You want to complement the wedding couple’s outfits but also stay true to each of your members style. With Aayka we can custom create per your vision for groomsmen, bridesmaids, groomswomen, bridesmen - you name it! 

Step 01

Start by filling out our easy-to-use custom order form. If there is an existing Aayka outfit you like - we can provide further customization on cut and style per your request.

Step 02

After you submit your ideas, our team will reach out to you to further understand your concept and budget. Please note, bridal party outfits generally range from $150-$250 for outfits. 

From there, our team of designers will present fabric options with a concept sketch, ensuring that each design complements the wedding's theme while catering to individual tastes.

Step 03

Once the designs are finalized from your end, we'll request a 50% down payment. Then first up is color…! We understand selecting the perfect color is key.

Go through our extensive dye card and choose your favorite colors for your group’s outfits. We always test dye colors prior to finalization so rest reassured, your outfits are exactly as you envisioned it! 

Upon request, we are happy to also ship the color samples to you.

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Step 04

While we are testing out the colors we will request to get our detailed measurement sheet filled out by your bridal party which comes with a video guide.

Our team will review each measurement and reach out for any clarifications. We do leave a 2 margin in all of our blouses.

From their our timeline to delivery is typically 8-10 weeks. We will to send you pictures along the way and request final payment before shipping to you.

Still can't believe how gorgeous these turned out! I am beyond thrilled and excited for the girls to wear these!!"

- Ritika P.

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Honestly I can't tell how much I appreciate you throughout this process"

-Chandni B.

- Author's name

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Absolutely love how they came out! Perfectly complemented our outfits <3"

Janice B.

- Author's name

Testimonial Image

My munchkins are going to look so cute!"

- Ritika P.

- Author's name

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We understand color is a critical component for the bridal party. We are more than happy to test dye as many options (we typically recommend starting with 3 so you don’t get overwhelmed) as you want. The key thing here is it will take time for each test dye + we want to be able to ship it to you, so please give us ample time to get this done.

The more time you have the more fun it is. We have time to source the right fabrics, test things out and if there’s any issue we have time to rectify. Of course we understand sometimes that can be difficult. At a bare minimum we will require 8 weeks, but we recommend giving yourself 3-4 months.

Not a worry. We have a measurement sheet and video guide accompanying it. In the sheet we ask for standard sizing i.e bra size, jean size, shirt size so we can sense check if something looks off. We also recommend including a picture of each member so we can double check. Beyond that, for an hourly fee our sales team is happy to either virtually take measurements of each member or schedule a time in our NYC showroom.

For every outfit we always leave margin. There will be two inch margin in blouses and menswear that can be opened up. Any alterations within a 2 inch range we leave to the customer for last mile alteration. If there is an alteration requirement beyond that we are happy to work you to get the garment to fit. Again, time is key here.

Yes, we love to help our clients! No worries if you have absolutely no idea where to start. Our sales team can help you put together a moodboard and work with your color scheme to ensure your vision comes to life. Check out our newly dropped Banno collection for some inspo!

We understand for bridal parties the expense can really add up considering the quantity. We do our absolute best to provide styles between the $175-$225 price range. We have a few options between $150-$175 but they will be simple styles (plain kurtas/satin saris) We don’t like to compromise on quality, so while we’ll do our best to stay within your budget, we have certain parameters.

Depending on the quantity our sales team will give you a flat rate shipping cost to send the outfits to one address. We can also happily coordinate mailing out each of the individual outfits at a small fee. There is also always the option of a free pick up at our NYC showroom.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or click on the whatsapp icon for anymore info

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