About Aayka

Aayka provides exclusive access to South Asian fashion. We connect consumers directly to local South Asian artisans and allow them to either buy made-to-measure styles or create custom looks within their budget and reflecting their own style. Welcome to our innovative e-commerce experience.

Your world, Your style. 

Our Mission

Aayka’s goal is to empower both the wearer and the maker.

We want to provide an opportunity for artisans in South Asia to broaden their reach, increase their revenue stream, and ultimately move up the socio-economic ladder, which otherwise is nearly impossible for them.

In addition, Aakya will also align itself with a non-profit organization focusing on educating women in South Asia. In order to create long standing change, we believe equal access to education is imperative. Starting in 2021 we will make a pledge to donate 5% of our revenue to a charity.

Back Story

Once upon a time, attaining a wardrobe of beautiful South Asian outfits meant one of a few things: you either had to travel across the globe to have custom pieces made; shop a limited selection of options online - often overpriced, or hunt for specialty shops that are few and far between. Aayka is an innovative experience created to unveil the mysterious route of finding South Asian style through an online platform. Now you can shop styles or create your own custom designs crafted by designers who typically only share their creations with their local communities. Aayka has made it easy to find unique styles with fair pricing.