Your Outfit Guide to Gujarati Wedding

Imagine stepping into a world bursting with color, music, dance and loads of fun. That's a Gujarati wedding for you—a mesmerizing celebration where every moment is draped in vibrancy and cultural richness. Amidst the whirlwind of rituals and festivities, picking the perfect outfit for each ceremony can feel like an epic quest.

But fear not!

We’re here to be your fashion guide through this dazzling journey. Whether it’s embracing traditional elegance or adding a modern twist, we’ll help you navigate through the ceremonies with style and confidence.

Overview of Gujarati Weddings

Gujarati weddings are known for their rich traditions and lively ceremonies. Key rituals include the Gol Dhana, Mehendi, Sanji/Sangeet Sandhya/Garba, Pithi/Grah Shanti, Mangal Pheras, and Ashirvad/Reception. Each ceremony holds a cultural significance and is accompanied by specific attire to reflect heritage of Gujarati culture.

Traditional Gujarati Attire 

Let’s start with the basics: traditional Gujarati wedding outfits. Women often wear stunning sarees or lehengas, adorned with intricate embroidery and embellishments. Think rich silks, vibrant bandhani prints, and brocade fabrics in colors like red, green, and gold—symbols of prosperity and happiness. 

Gujarati saree draping has a distinctive style known as the "Seedha Pallu." Unlike the usual drape where the pallu (the loose end of the saree) goes over the shoulder and falls at the back, in the Seedha Pallu style, the pallu is draped over the right shoulder and spread across the front. This shows the fine detailing on the saree and adds a touch of elegance and tradition.

Men typically go for dhotis or kurtas paired with elegant dupattas, often in coordinating colors with beautiful traditional designs.

Modern Trends 

Modern fashion trends are increasingly influencing Gujarati wedding attire. Fusion styles that blend traditional elements with contemporary cuts and fabrics are becoming popular. 

  • Traditional lehengas are getting a modern makeover with mermaid cuts, A-line styles, and even asymmetrical hemlines.
  • The classic saree is being paired with contemporary blouse designs, such as off-shoulder styles, crop tops, and blouses with elaborate back designs.
  • Inspired by the flowing grace of traditional attire, draped gowns and modern Anarkali suits offer a stylish alternative.
  • Soft pinks, peaches, mint greens, and even shades of ivory and beige are becoming fashionable choices.
  • Incorporating sequins and mirror work into modern outfits adds a touch of glamour and sparkle.
  • Modern sherwanis and kurtas often feature slim fits, asymmetrical cuts, and innovative draping.
  • Adding jackets or waistcoats to traditional dhoti or kurta outfits brings a modern touch.

These adaptations allow individuals to honor tradition while showcasing their personal style.

What to wear in Gujarati Wedding Ceremonies 

A guest wear guide for both men and women

Gol Dhana 

Gol Dhana is similar to an engagement ceremony and is the kickoff for the wedding festivities. It’s semi-formal but elegant. Women can wear pastel-colored suits or light lehengas with minimal embroidery. Men can opt for a simple kurta-pajama set or a casual sherwani.

Nayabi II



The Mehendi ceremony is all about fun and color. You’ll want something bright and comfortable since you’ll be dancing and getting henna applied. Vibrant anarkalis or lehengas in yellow, green, or purple are perfect for women. Men, go for bright kurtas paired with churidars or dhotis.


Amira dhoti


Sanji/Sangeet Sandhya/Garba

Get ready to dance the night away at the Sangeet or Garba. Women, choose ghagra cholis or lehengas with plenty of flares for easy movement, in colors like pink, blue, and gold. Consider outfits adorned with traditional mirror work or vibrant bandhani patterns to add an extra festive touch. Men can wear embroidered kurtas with vests or traditional kediyu and dhoti sets for that authentic look.

Pyaari lehenga

Ruhi lehenga


Pithi / Grah shanti 

The Pithi or Grah Shanti ceremonies are more intimate and involve holy rites. Keep it simple yet traditional. Women might wear sarees or lehengas in soft, auspicious colors like yellow or white. Men can go for plain kurtas with pajama sets—easy, breezy, and respectful.

Anita lehenga

Priya set

Mahmood set

Mangal Pheras/Wedding

Mangal Pheras or the Wedding is the highlight—the main ceremony where the couple takes their sacred vows. Women can opt for traditional attire like sarees or lehengas in vibrant colors and rich fabrics. Consider embellishments like embroidery or mirror work to add a festive touch. Many people tend to choose colors like pinks and oranges, which are considered auspicious. Avoid wearing black as it is considered inauspicious. Also, don’t worry for a Gujarati wedding it is ok to wear white! Typically, the bride will wear red, and nowadays on invites if a color is explicitly not allowed it will be noted. 

Men can choose ethnic wear such as kurtas with churidars, dhotis, or sherwanis. Add accessories like a dupatta or stole for a refined look. If you are planning on wearing a traditional outfit to only one event, we would strongly recomend wearing it to this one.



Pyaar lehenga

Bridal Party edition:
  If you are shopping for bridesmaids or groomsmens options, look no further!. At Aayka, we specialize in crafting custom outfits for bridesmaids and groomsmen, ensuring they look their absolute best. All of our lehengas can be customized to any color and we are happy to change the blouse cut to your choice.

Ashirvad and reception 

Time to showcase some grandeur at the reception. Women can dress in elegant sarees or lehengas with modern cuts or silk fabrics with minimal embellishments can be a good choice for a reception. 

Men can opt for well-tailored suits in rich colors such as navy, deep maroon, or charcoal gray. Sherwanis or bandhgala suits are also appropriate if you prefer ethnic attire. Pair with traditional footwear like mojaris or formal shoes.

SS chai


Malik Bandhhala

What is a Traditional Gujarati Bridal Lehenga?

Traditional Gujarati bridal lehengas are beautiful artworks that reflect Gujarat's rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Here’s a closer look at what makes them unique:

Draping Style

The draping style of Gujarati bridal lehengas often follows the traditional Seedha Pallu drape.


Colors play a significant role in Gujarati bridal attire, symbolizing different aspects of the wedding and marital bliss:

  • Red: A dominant and auspicious color, often chosen for its symbolism of prosperity, fertility, and happiness in marriage.
  • Maroon: A deeper shade of red, maroon lehengas are also popular choices for brides, symbolizing auspiciousness and tradition.
  • Green: Symbolizing growth, harmony, and new beginnings, green is often seen in bridal lehengas, particularly in combination with other colors like red or gold.
  • Gold: Signifying wealth, luxury, and prosperity, gold embellishments and fabrics are frequently used to accentuate bridal lehengas.

Embroidery and Embellishments

Gujarati bridal lehengas are renowned for their intricate embroidery and embellishments, which include:

  • Mirror Work: Traditional Gujarati mirror work, known as "abhla," is a distinctive feature that adds sparkle and reflects light beautifully.
  • Zari and Zardozi: Gold and silver thread work, often in intricate patterns, is used to enhance the richness and grandeur of the lehenga.
  • Stone and Bead Work: Precious stones, beads, and sequins are meticulously handcrafted onto the fabric, creating a dazzling effect that catches the eye.              

Choosing the right lehenga

Picking the perfect lehenga involves a few key considerations. Think about your body type, skin tone, and personal style. A-line lehengas are generally flattering, while fish-cut lehengas accentuate curves. Choose colors that complement your skin tone. Make sure the design reflects your personality and is comfortable, whether it’s traditional, minimalist, or extravagant.


Don’t forget the bling! Traditional jewelry like Kundan sets, Maang Tikkas, and Bangles are essential. Add elegance with statement pieces like large jhumkas and choker necklaces. And a tip: adorn your hair with fresh flowers or traditional hair accessories for that extra touch.

Matching Gujarati wedding couple outfits 

Coordination and color matching Tips: Couples, coordinating your outfits can be a lot of fun. Popular combinations include red and gold, green and maroon, and blue and silver. You can also subtly coordinate, like matching dupatta and pocket square colors, for a harmonious look.

Custom Designs:  For a truly unique look, consider custom-designed outfits. This ensures your outfits match perfectly in terms of theme and style, with intricate embroidery and personalized touches that tell your shared story.

At Aayka Fashion, we take pride in crafting bespoke outfits that reflect your unique style and personality. We had the pleasure of creating custom bride and groom outfits for a wonderful Gujarati couple. Their vision was to blend traditional elegance with contemporary flair, and our dedicated team meticulously brought their dream outfits to life.

If you're looking to create something truly exceptional for your special occasion, simply  share your requirements with us. Our team is committed to ensuring every detail is perfect, delivering outfits that exceed your expectations with precision and care. Whether it's a wedding, a special celebration, or any milestone event, let Aayka Fashion transform your ideas into reality.

Rental Designs: On a budget? Renting is a practical and stylish solution. Aayka Fashion offer a variety of rental designs that are both stylish and traditional, ensuring you look your best.

You can visit our showroom in NYC to explore our rental collection and more. 


Choosing the right outfit for a Gujarati wedding is all about balancing tradition with your personal style. By following this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to make a lasting impression at every ceremony. Enjoy the celebrations, and embrace the beauty of Gujarati wedding traditions!

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