What to Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Guest


A guide to Punjabi wedding attire and how to choose the right outfit for you, and each function.

If you’ve received an invitation to a Punjabi or Sikh wedding, and you’re wondering what to wear as a guest, you’re going to love this post!

Punjabi weddings are a vibrant affair, characterized by their grandeur, vibrant colors, and lively celebrations. 

The attire worn by guests is an integral part of the festivities, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Punjab.

But it can be difficult to navigate if you’re new to the customs and traditions or are encountering it for the first time. 

You want to be well dressed, appropriately, as the customs demand but also reflect your personal style- and, most importantly, lets you dance and celebrate without having to fuss about your clothes!

If you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed, this blog post will guide you through each part of the process so you know exactly what to expect and to buy without breaking the bank. 

Let’s dive in. But first- an important distinction -do you have to dress differently for Sikh and Punjabi weddings?

Are Punjabi and Sikh Weddings the Same?

While both Punjabi and Sikh weddings share a geographical origin, they differ regarding rituals, attire, and timings. 

Sikh weddings, known as Anand Karaj, are held in Gurudwaras (a Sikh place of worship) and have a more solemn and spiritual ambiance. 

The attire for Sikh weddings is modest, with guests expected to cover their heads during the ceremony.

On the other hand, Punjabi wedding outfits are more varied and do not need to be as modest. 

What to Wear to a Sikh Wedding Ceremony

Wedding outfit for women to wear to Gurudwara

For the Anand Karaj ceremony held in a Gurudwara, modest outfits that cover the skin are preferred. 

Think salwar suit, which is a long tunic and loose pants made from different Indian fabrics, if you’re a woman. 

If you’re a woman attending a Sikh wedding ceremony, check out our loved Fiza set and the Anisha Patialia suit, both of which allow for covering the head respectfully in a Gurudwara.

As a man, you’re expected to either wear a Kurta and pajamas or a richly adorned Sherwani, and you can add a gorgeous waistcoat, like this one, to look elegant and ready to celebrate!

Besides the wedding ceremony that happens in the Gurudwara, the other functions are similar to a Hindu Punjabi wedding - keep reading to find the appropriate dress code!

What to Wear to a Traditional Punjabi Wedding as a Woman

What to Wear to a Traditional Punjabi Wedding as a Woman

It can be exciting to look into different outfits and attires available to women while dressing up for different occasions at a Punjabi wedding. 

Often, women will look at the number of functions written on their invitation cards and build their outfits to feel comfortable and appropriate at different times. 

Your wedding invite will mention functions like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet/Engagement, and Pheras (main wedding function). Let’s help build you a wardrobe that’s appropriate for each function! 

1. What to Wear to a Haldi Ceremony

A day function like Haldi (a traditional ceremony usually done in the morning to cleanse the bride and groom with turmeric and signifies the start of festivities)  will need you to choose outfits in any shade of yellow to match the turmeric paste that will soon coat their faces and arms. 

As it’s a simple ceremony, your outfit should match the tone and should ideally be a Salwar Suit or Kurti and not an ornate legenga. 

2. What to Wear to a Mehendi Ceremony

A Mehendi (women gather and get henna put on their palms, hands, and sometimes feet) ceremony, on the other hand, is usually in the evenings. 

Women often dress up in shades of blues and greens, and in this function, you can choose to wear either a suit, a Sari, or a lehenga, albeit a lightly detailed one.

3. What to Wear to a Sangeet

This is often followed by the Sangeet (a riot of an evening where different groups from both sides of the family prepare dances to perform), which usually needs a comfortable outfit one can dance hours away in, and the colors are darker and richer shades - like royal emeralds and deep magentas. 

4. What to Wear for Pheras 

Pheras is the final wedding function, that often takes place in the evening or at night, at an auspicious hour stated by the Pandits. In this, the groom and the bride take seven sacred rounds around the holy fire.

Since it’s the main ceremony, the bride and groom will wear their finest outfits, usually a lehenga and a sherwani.

As a guest, you have the option to choose from saris and lehengas - choose your most detailed, heavy, stunning fabrics for the main function.  

4. What to Wear for Reception 

After the pheras are over, the newly married couple will for the first time ‘receive’ their guests together, often on a stage, collect gifts, hear congratulations, and have their pictures taken. 

Sometimes, if the pheras happened late at night or early morning, then the reception would take place the next day. 

Opt for a pretty sari in shades of pastels, or a lehenga (simpler than the one you wore for the wedding if the functions happen on separate days) to enjoy the final evening of the festivities. 

A Guide to Hindu Punjabi Wedding Attire for Women

Now that you have a hang of what functions you might need to attend, let’s take a look at the different traditional outfits for women we briefly mentioned for each ceremony:

1. Lehenga

Lehenga- Wedding Guest Attire for women

One of the most popular choices for women attending Punjabi weddings is the Lehenga, which is a voluminous skirt with multiple folds to allow women to hold it up in a pretty bunch as they walk. 

It also looks stunning when you dance and twirl!

You wear it with a pretty blouse (simplicity is key here, esp if the lehenga fabric is heavily patterned) and a dupatta.

Consider our pastel peach or blue  Noor Lehenga with richly embroidered off-white pants that also billows like a skirt or the Sheetal Lehenga for an elegant look.

2. Salwar Kameez/Punjabi Suits

Punjabi suit wedding attire for women

Salwar Kameez or Punjabi suits are another excellent option, and they’re incredibly comfortable, making them a popular choice for weddings. 

Take a look at our beautiful pink  Anisha Patiala Suit and pistachio green  Amira Suit, which are perfect examples of traditional Punjabi dress that you can consider.

3. Saris

What to Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Guest

A sari is a long piece of fabric that suits everyone - irrespective of their body size and shape, as it drapes flatteringly on your curves. 

We recommend one of our most loved pieces here- the Anjali sari if you want to look pretty in pink, or our maroon Preeti sari!

4. Dupatta Styles

What to Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Guest

The dupatta is a versatile yard of fabric that adds grace to your outfit. 

You can drape it in various styles, either hanging loosely over your shoulders or draped around your head, if needed for any religious ceremony. 

4. Jewelry and Accessories

Jewellery for a Punjabi wedding

Indian fabrics can be heavy on prints, patterns, and work, and a successful outfit is well balanced- for example, pairing a simple blouse with only its sleeves adorned with an ornately designed lehenga and a minimal dupatta. 

Once that’s balanced, it's time to add some beautiful jewelry. 

Accessorize your outfit with traditional jewelry like the  Peacock Earrings or the  Polki Tikka (which goes atop your hairdo) to complete your look!

5. Footwear

Opt for comfortable yet stylish footwear to complement your outfit- especially if you want to dance.

Add a pair of traditional juttis (pointed shoes, famously made in Punjab) or embellished sandals, and get ready to tap the night away dancing!

6. Color Palette

Go for vibrant colors like red, pink, violet, or green to resonate with the festive spirit of Punjabi weddings.

You can play with the shades- if it's a day ceremony, a light pastel outfit will be perfect. 

What to Wear to a Traditional Punjabi Wedding as a Man

What to Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Man

As a man gearing up to attend a Punjabi wedding, you have the opportunity to embrace a vibrant cultural tapestry through your choice of attire. 

Traditional Punjabi men's wear is characterized by a rich palette of colors, intricate embroidery, and regal styles that have evolved over centuries yet retained their timeless appeal. 

1. What to Wear to a Haldi Ceremony

As we mentioned earlier, the Haldi ceremony is usually the start of festivities, and the attire chosen by the groom will be a kurta and in shades of yellow. 

The groom’s friends and family members and even you, as a guest, can wear a Kurta Churidar, a type of long tunic paired with bottoms. Even wearing a kurta over pants will work here! 

2. What to Wear to a Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony has seen a recent trend of being paired with both bride and groom having a joint function. 

Kurtas and bandhgalas in the shade of green are recommended for this evening, and you can pair a contrasting vest to turn more heads!

3. What to Wear to a Sangeet/Cocktail

In this function, besides the typical outfits (explained in detail in the next section), you can also opt for a Western or Indo-Western suit. Think well-tailored tuxedos with a pocket square of a rich Indian fabric that also matches the pagdi (turban). 

Remember to wear comfortable shoes for this evening if you’re excited to dance!

4. What to Wear for Pheras

This is the main event - and it’s time to bring out all the stops when it comes to your outfit! 

We recommend your best Sherwani or Bandgala for this function in shades or pretty pastels, as is the trend currently, or deep, royal colors like blue, maroon, purple, etc. 

If you want to find one perfect for you, take a look at our next section below!

4. What to Wear for Reception

Often the reception ceremony follows right after the pheras, unless it takes place late at night, in which case it would happen the following evening. 

Here, any of the recommended outfits below will work- however, do choose something that is not too simple.  

A Guide to Punjabi Wedding Attire for Men

Here are some traditional attire options that you can consider to blend seamlessly with the festive spirit and vibrant aesthetics of a Punjabi wedding:

1. Sherwani

What to Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Man

A Sherwani or an Achkan is a very popular traditional wedding outfit for men. It consists of a long overcoat, worn over a kurta on top and a churidar pyjama or a dhoti on the bottom. 

This outfit is meant to stand out and gives a regal air to anyone wearing them. 

If you’re looking for a Sherwani for a Punjabi wedding, consider our midnight blue  Ranveer Set or the peachy Rozina Sherwani for a grand appearance

2. Kurta Pajama

Kurta Pajama to Wear to a Punjabi Wedding as a Guest

Kurta Pajama is a comfortable yet elegant choice and excellent to dance comfortably in. 

Check out the mustard yellow Mahmood Set and pair it with an elegant waistcoat like Krish Vest or Rohan vest for a complete look. 

3. Turban Styles

Turbans, a traditional head accessory worn by men in Punjabi weddings, add a regal touch to men's attire. 

It’s incredible to note that a single breadth of fabric can be used for different purposes!

You can choose a turban that matches or complements your outfit, but ask the wedding party if they can acquire one for you- often, the groom’s close family and friends are given a turban to wear to match with the groom.

4. Footwear and Accessories

Remember, balance is key. Don’t wear footwear that competes with the rest of the outfit unless that is simple to begin with. 

You can pair your wedding outfit with traditional footwear like mojaris or juttis to complete the look!

5. Color Palette

Men can opt for vibrant colors like maroon, royal blue, or dusty pale pinks and blues to look elegant at a Punjabi wedding.

What to Avoid in Punjabi Wedding Attire

Avoid wearing saris (a long fabric, often of 9 yards, that is draped around a woman’s body, paired with a blouse) to a Gurudwara ceremony as it may be considered inappropriate on account of it showing some skin.

The only colors you cannot where as a guest are pure white or black, as within the Sikh community, those two colors always relate to funerals.

Also, red being an auspicious colour, is usually worn by the bride. If red is what you want, choose a different shade, like maroon, to avoid looking inappropriate. 


Choosing the right attire for a Punjabi wedding is crucial to blend in with the festive atmosphere. 

But it’s fun to embrace both traditional and modern styles to make a stylish statement and build different outfits for each occasion. 

Wondering where to quickly find and try Indian wedding outfits? Explore our wide range of options available at Aayka Fashions, where you can also avail customization options to create your unique look!


  • What do you wear to a Punjabi wedding ceremony? Depending on the ceremony, guests can choose from a range of outfits, including traditional Punjabi suits, lehengas, or modern fusion wear.
  • What should a female guest wear to a wedding? Female guests can opt for traditional outfits like Lehenga or Salwar Kameez, accessorized with traditional jewelry.
  • What are the colors for a Sikh wedding? For Sikh weddings, guests often choose modest colors like white, beige, or pastel shades.
  • Can you wear sleeveless to Gurudwara? It is advisable to avoid wearing sleeveless outfits to a Gurudwara to maintain the sanctity of the place.

Explore the vibrant world of Punjabi wedding attire at  Aayka Fashions and make a stylish statement at your next Punjabi wedding event!

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