Top 5 Places to Buy Custom Bridal Lehenga in NYC

Indian Weddings are known for their vibrant colours, rituals and notably elegant bridal lehengas. In Indian weddings bridal lehengas not only signify traditional importance, but also are designed to compliment the bride's personal style.

The popularity and influence of Bollywood on Indian weddings has only been growing. On top of that, the influence of Indian fashion is globally increasing with celebrities like Gigi Hadid & Zendaya wearing saris and couture Indian designers walking New York and Paris Fashion week.  There is a lot of inspiration for different styles of bridal lehengas. With that we are seeing, in the US the demand for Indian custom made bridal lehengas is growing exponentially.

Why Opt for a Custom Bridal Lehenga?

The reasons for buying a lehenga are as nuanced and complex as the decision of getting married (if not more). Weddings are an extremely important yet emotional event especially for a bride belonging to any culture. Bridal lehengas represent a bride’s unique style, her heritage, her culture, her background and everything that is emotionally connected to her heart. 

Often it is difficult to find a lehenga that fits your style and your budget. Custom designing bridal lehengas has been popular in India for centuries. The luxury of getting exactly what you want is something we’ve been spoiled with for generations! Getting a unique,  well-fitted bridal outfit is something we all deserve. The question is for those of us in the USA and specifically NYC, how can we gain access?

Top 5 Places to Buy Custom Bridal Lehenga in NYC

Here are the top 5 places to buy custom bridal lehenga in NYC that is specifically tailored and made for you:

Aayka Fashion

Aayka fashion is a highly rated and one of the best custom bridal outfit brands located at 211 East 43rd street NYC. This brand has an expertise in high quality south asian custom bridal, groom, family members and bridal party outfits. Founded by a first-generation Indian American, this brand understands the cultural importance, but also operates with customer service at the forefront. Communication and transparency are key pillars of the brand.

If you have a dream dress in your mind they welcome you to elaborate the design. If not their extremely skilled designers will design a perfect outfit for your special day be it a bridal lehenga, bridal sari, bridal gown that's up to your preferences with high quality fabrics, according to your inspiration. There is a focus on attention to details and according to your budget . They offer rental options as well as off-the-rack options available to get you a perfect dress at the last minute. 

Services offered by this brand are following:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Custom made outfit options
  • Rental and off-the-rack outfit options 
  • Extremely organised and seamless customer service
  • Online website and virtual service

How to reach:

If you're taking a train, get down at Grand Central Terminal, then just head southeast along East 42nd Street. Take a left when you reach Vanderbilt Avenue, and then a quick right onto East 43rd Street. You'll find 211 East 43rd Street on your right side.

Harleen Kaur

Harleen Kaur is another highly rated one of the custom bridal clothing brands located at 264 west 40th street NYC. This brand specialises in modern bridal outfit options.

They expertise in Indian wedding outfits and matching outfits for bride and groom and family members as well. They customise colours, silhouettes aesthetically. They offer personalised stylists to help you find the perfect bridal and grooms outfit for your most important and beautiful day. They offer guest outfits along with bridal options. They also have ready-to-purchase options for last minute prep.

They provide very quick shipping after ordering your perfect outfit, all you have to do is book an appointment. They have their official website as well for your convenience and have every option open there as well.

Services offered by this brand are following:

  • Online website and service
  • Personalised stylists are appointed
  • Alteration options available
  • Variety of outfits for all occasions
  • Worldwide shipping

How to reach:

If you’re taking a bus or a train to get down at Penn Station, walk northwest on W 34th Street. Turn right onto 8th Avenue, and continue walking north until you reach 264 West 40th Street in New York City.

Bombay Bridal Boutique

Bombay Bridal Boutique is another custom bridal and grooms clothing brands located at 75th St Jackson Heights, NYC. They expertise in South Asian wedding outfits for the bride, groom, and their families.

They offer you personal stylists and consultants to help you find a perfect attire for your dream wedding. They have skilled and well informed designers trained in south asian fashion to design and customise your perfect bridal attire. They deal with high quality fabrics with proper attention to detail and with reasonable prices.

Their Official website is available for customers convenience and offers every option available there.

Services offered by this brand are following:

  • Online website and service
  • Personalised stylists
  • Seamless customer service
  • Alteration options available
  • Timely delivery

How to reach:

If you're travelling through the subway, get down at 74th Street-Broadway station, head north on 74th Street. Continue walking until you reach 75th Street in Jackson Heights, New York City.

Heritage Fashion

Heritage India Fashion is another custom bridal and grooms clothing brand located at 131 Lexington Ave, New York. This brand has an extensive collection of unique handmade items from India.

They have a variety of south asian attires be it embroidered, embellished, thread work, casuals, lehengas, anarkalis, gowns, sherwanis and many more. They have a variety of collections, like for guests, family, kids and many more having reasonable prices.

Official website is available for customers convenience and offers every option available there.

Following are the services provided by this brand:

  • Extensive variety of collection
  • Online service
  • Spoton customer service
  • Consultations are offered
  • Exchange and alterations options available

How to reach:

If you're travelling through the subway, get down at the nearest subway station, like the 28th Street station, walk south on Lexington Avenue. Keep going until you reach 131 Lexington Avenue in NYC.

Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is a luxury bridal, women's and men's clothing brand. This brand specialises in high quality, elegant, contemporary handmade items with a commitment to the finest craftsmanship.

They create a variety of attires such as lehengas, sherwanis, saris, and luxury casuals. They have a spot on customer service that will help you find a perfect wedding attire. They offer both one-of-a-kind and ready to wear options. Their personal consultants are extremely knowledgeable and supportive and will help you find the perfect combination of jewellery matching to your costume.

Official website is available for customers convenience and offers every option available there.

Following are the services provided by this brand:

  • Online service available
  • Premium quality products
  • Supportive customer services
  • Versatile variety of collection
  • Return policy is offered

How to reach:

If you're travelling through the subway, get down at the nearest subway station, such as the Houston Street station, walk west on Houston Street. Continue straight until you reach 473 W Broadway in New York.

Things to Consider When Buying a Custom Bridal Lehenga


Ideally you should start looking for your wedding dress from the moment you have decided to get married. Searching for a perfect bridal attire takes a lot of time especially to customise your outfit. It takes a few appointments in different stores to finalise your outfit and have proper alterations and fittings. You should have ideally 8 to 10 months before your wedding date.


Budget is an important factor to consider at the time of selecting your wedding outfit, because it is one of the first questions your bridal stylist would ask you. Bridal outfits typically cost 8-10% of the overall wedding budget and an average cost of a wedding dress is around $2000. You should always calculate extra like alterations, accessories, taxes, shipping and more.

Designer’s portfolio

You should always check the reviews of the designer before choosing the same, as the selection of wedding outfit is the most important part of the wedding. You should check the expertise of the designer, genuine bridal reviews to ensure the designer’s style aligns, knowledge, popularity and more.

Fabric & Embellishments

There is a lot to think about when you are looking for fabric and embellishments of your bridal outfit like, silhouettes, wedding theme, heavy satin lehengas,  structured designs, weather and climate of the venue.

Why you should get a Custom Bridal Lehenga from Aayka Fashion

Getting a bridal lehenga designed by Aayka Fashion is an extremely smooth process. You will be kept updated every step of the way with your custom lehenga. The design team in India and the US will consistently ask you for feedback.

They also have a variety of outfits that can be worn in other functions like mehendi, engagement, indian festivals and many more. They will help you design your outfits by the help of sketches and even welcome your own sketches. They will keep you informed about the fabrics and prices of the outfit and make your attire according to your budget.

This store has a beautiful off-the-rack collection that will help you find your dream lehenga at the last minute. They provide rental options as well on the outfits if you want for your guests or matching attire for bridesmaids.

If you want your perfect outfit to be designed properly and have a wedding attire to be made with a certain look in your mind this store is the best for you. They will make you feel beautiful on your special day.


These are the 5 places to buy custom bridal lehenga in NYC. By exploring these shops and reviews of these stores Aayka Fashion, Harleen Kaur and Anita Dongre are the best in NYC. For most brides and according to their convenience and budget Aayka Fashion is most feasible.

 These stores allow you to explore the variety of designs, colours, fabrics and most of all they design custom made lehengas and even help you design your dream wedding outfit.

 Altogether if you are looking for a perfect custom made wedding outfit, these stores are a must to visit stores in NYC for custom bridal outfits for Indian weddings and functions, lehengas or south asian wedding outfits.

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