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If you’re a bride-to-be, it’s no secret that a bridesmaid’s outfit is on the top of your to-do list. It doesn’t just need to fit in with the decor, it also needs to make her look (and feel!) good. But as an Indian bride, you know that is not the only thing that you need to think of. Given our rich cultural heritage - and the customs and traditions that come with it - it is also important that your bridesmaids’ outfits are respectful of the culture and are still trendy and comfortable. Check out some of our picks below:

The Preeti Stitched Silk Saree

Nothing can beat the magic of a traditional silk saree. Our Preeti Stitched Sari combines that magic with a modern twist; your bridesmaids can now easily wear wear a perfectly pleated silk saree with ease. The Preeti Stitched Sari comes with an embroidered blouse that adds a touch of sparkle to your look, making this the perfect must-have in your closet. 

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The Anisha Patiala Suit


Looking for a classic South Asian bridesmaid outfit? Check out our fully customizable Anisha Patiala Suit - our take on the traditional Patiala (that originates from the northern part of India and is perfect for a Punjabi wedding) that includes a pair of loose pleated bottoms with a fitted kurti. Comfortable, flattering and versatile - what’s not to love?

Click here to shop the Anisha Patiala Suit and here to place a custom order for your bridal party!

The Neha Lehenga Gown

For a more modern take on South Asian bridesmaid outfits, a two piece lehenga (which can be converted into a gown) is our go-to. One of the best things about the Neha Lehenga is the attached dupatta. It a hassle-free elegant look that is also ideal for a day to night look. If you’re looking  for a unique silhouette to get a gown for your bridesmaids for the big day, check out our Neha Lehenga that is the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

Click here to shop the Neha Lehenga Gown and here to place a custom order for your bridal party!

The Saleena Lehenga

Meet the perfect fun and flirty Indian bridesmaid lehenga! Crafted on a lightweight embroidered georgette fabric in a cheery yellow hue, the Saleena Lehenga is as chic as it is comfortable. It comes with a fun silhouette that ensures that your bride squad will always stand out! As with all of our bridesmaids looks, you can easily change the blouse cut /sleeve length to each of your bridesmaids preferences!

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The Masoom Lehenga

Breezy blues meet a clean and classic silhouette for a lehenga that will your bridesmaids will be able to rewear as a staple be a staple in their your wardrobe for years to come! And while it remains one of our biggest bestsellers, we can also customise it for you in another color (or design!).

Click here to shop the Masoom Lehenga Set and here to place a custom order for your bridal party!

We get it, it’s hard to plan a wedding. Let us help you find the perfect bridesmaid’s outfits. At Aayka it is always Your World, Your Style.

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