Your Comprehensive Rental Guide to Indian Wedding Attire

Hey there, wedding-goers! Ready to dive into the vibrant world of Indian wedding attire? Whether you're a seasoned attendee or a newbie to these colorful celebrations, navigating the maze of traditional outfits can be a bit overwhelming. 

But fear not! 

We've got your back with our ultimate rental guide to Indian wedding attire. From the spicy hues of the Haldi to the glittering glam of the Reception, we'll walk you through each ceremony and help you dress like a pro.

Brief overview of the significance of attire at Indian weddings

The selection of attire as a guest holds paramount importance, embodying a delicate balance between reverence for tradition and personal style. Your outfit is like a nod to the cultural heritage and customs of the wedding.  Your careful curation of attire underscores your commitment to enhancing the collective aesthetic of the wedding, contributing to the overall ambiance of elegance and grandeur.

The importance of dressing appropriately for each ceremony 

Dressing appropriately for each ceremony of an Indian wedding is crucial as it not only demonstrates respect for the customs and traditions but also reflects an understanding of the cultural significance imbued in every ritual. In Indian culture, attire carries deep symbolic meaning, with specific colors, fabrics, and styles chosen to align with auspiciousness, purity, and joy.

It allows guests like you to actively engage in the rituals and immerse themselves in the spiritual essence of the wedding journey.

Why renting is the best option? 

Indian wedding attire tends to be elaborate and intricately designed, making it expensive to purchase outright. Renting allows you to access high-quality, designer outfits at a fraction of the cost, making it a more affordable choice, especially for attire that may only be worn once.

Renting offers convenience, flexibility and sustainability. You can browse through a diverse selection of outfits, choose the one that best suits your style and preferences, and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. This eliminates the need for extensive shopping trips and allows to focus the time and energy on other aspects of wedding preparation.

At Aayka, we have a wide range of fixed sizing, which you can try at our NYC showroom or we can ship domestically in the US - details here 

Now that we've got the importance of renting a fabulous Indian wedding outfit for your next invite covered, let's dive into how you can rock your look at the different festivities!

The Haldi Ceremony 

First up, let's talk Haldi! This ritual, where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom for a radiant glow, calls for outfits that are comfy yet cheerful. 

Gentlemen, think breezy kurta pajamas in sunny yellows or oranges, while ladies can rock lightweight lehenga or salwar suits adorned with mirror work or floral prints. 

You can snag these vibrant looks from Aayka, ensuring you're all set to spread some sunshine at the Haldi bash!

Here’s our recommendation for the Haldi Ceremony.


Featuring a shimmering lavender Kurta, that ensures all-day comfort, allowing you to move with ease as you partake in the Haldi Ceremony.

Customizable in color to suit your personal preferences, this versatile kurta offers endless possibilities for styling and coordination. Whether paired with traditional pajama bottoms or contemporary trousers, this kurta is sure to make a memorable statement.


 Anita Lehenga

Step into elegance with our georgette lehenga featuring mesmerizing mirror work, paired with a Sequin Embroidered Organza Blouse. Crafted from luxurious fabrics, this leheng set exudes grace and charm, perfect for the Haldi ceremony. The lightweight lehenga ensures comfort and ease of movement throughout the festivities.


The Mehendi Ceremony 

Next on the agenda is the Mehendi ceremony, where intricate henna designs steal the show. It's all about embracing color and fun! 

Gentlemen can jazz up their traditional attire with Nehru jackets or funky Indo-western Kurta sets. Ladies, unleash your inner Bollywood diva with dazzling lehengas or Anarkali suits in every shade of the rainbow. And the best part? 

You can twirl away in style with some of the amazing pieces from Aayka!

Here’s our recommendation for the Mehendi Ceremony

Sagar Set

Step into the vibrant festivities of the Mehendi ceremony with our luxurious Silk Sagar Set. Featuring a Silk Top, Vest, and Pants, this set exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for Mehendi ceremony. Crafted from premium silk fabric, each piece offers a luxurious feel ensuring comfort throughout the celebration.


Pyaar Lehenga

Elevate your style with our romantic lehenga set which is adorned with intricate beading and mirror work on the dupatta, adding a touch of elegance to your look. Crafted from premium materials, including Raw Silk for the Blouse, Embroidered Georgette for the Skirt, and Embroidered Net for the Dupatta, each piece exudes luxury and sophistication. 


The Sangeet Night 

Get ready to groove, because it's Sangeet time! This lively pre-wedding bash is all about music, dance, and good vibes. Gentlemen, ditch the formals and opt for trendy sherwanis or fusion wear that allows you to bust a move on the dance floor. 

Ladies, amp up the glam factor with shimmering sarees or designer lehenga that scream party-ready. And with Aayka offering a plethora of options, you can dance with confidence all night long!

Here’s our recommendation for the Sangeet Night


 Make a statement on the Sangeet Night with our classic Jodhpuri Kurta set. Crafted from rich lakhnavi fabric, the flattering Kurta is accentuated by pearl button details, ensuring all eyes are on you. The embroidered Georgette Jacket paired with Raw Silk Pants exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for the fun night.


Toofani II

Get ready to dazzle at the chic city soiree with our modern lehenga set, tailored for the Sangeet night. Crafted from luxurious Embroidered Georgette, this lehenga exudes contemporary elegance with a touch of playfulness. The attached dupatta adds a carefree charm to your look, allowing you to dance the night away with ease. Whether you're fulfilling bridesmaids' duties or hitting the dance floor as a guest, this lehenga is the perfect combination of style and versatility.


The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day calls for attire that's elegant, timeless, and oh-so-regal. Whether the wedding is in the day time or night, you can plan your outfit accordingly.

Gentlemen, it's your moment to shine in regal sherwanis or tailored suits that exude sophistication. Ladies, channel your inner queen with exquisite sarees or lehengas adorned with intricate embroidery and embellishments. 

And with Aayka curating a selection of premium outfits, you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons!

Here’s our recommendation for the Wedding Day

Aditya Sherwani

Crafted from luxurious Lakhnavi georgette fabric, this Sherwani exudes regal charm and sophistication. Paired with Spun Silk Pants, this set offers a perfect balance of tradition and modernity, ensuring you look your absolute best on the special day.


Radha Lehenga (pink)

Crafted from luxurious materials including silk for the Blouse and lehenga, and Chanderi Badla for the Dupatta, this lehenga set offers a perfect blend of sophistication and grace. The Radha pink lehenga  ensures versatility, allowing you to make a chic statement at any Indian wedding celebration. 

The Reception  

Last but certainly not least, we have the grand finale – the Reception!

Gentlemen, suit up classic tuxedos or sherwanis that ooze charm and sophistication. Ladies, steal the spotlight in statement-making gowns or contemporary saree gowns that scream red carpet glam. 

And with Aayka’s rental options aplenty, you can ensure you're the best-dressed guest at the party!

Here’s our recommendation for the Reception.

Malik bandhgala

Make a statement at the reception with our timeless Sufi Velvet Sherwani. Crafted from luxurious embroidered velvet, this classic piece exudes elegance and sophistication. Pair it with contrasting white pants for a striking look or opt for a monochrome style with matching blue pants. Whichever way you choose to style it, you're guaranteed to stun the crowd.



Elevate your style for the reception with our exclusive Aayka creation, the epitome of functional and fashionable attire. Our Dhoti Skirt with an attached Dupatta is a wedding guest essential, designed to make you stand out with its gold detailing and asymmetrical silk blouse. Crafted from luxurious Royal Crepe fabric, it offers the sheen of satin with a richer texture, ensuring you look and feel exquisite throughout the wedding celebration. 


Tips for Renting Indian Wedding Attire 

Practical advice for renting outfits

  1. Start early: Begin your outfit search well in advance to have ample time for fittings, and alterations (if needed). Popular styles may get booked quickly, so don't procrastinate! You can visit Aayka’a NYC store to check out our various designs and try in-person.
  2. Know your measurements: Take accurate measurements of your body, including chest, waist, hips, and inseam, to ensure the rented outfit fits you perfectly. You can reach out to Aayka’s team at for any queries.
  3. Check rental policies: Before finalizing your rental, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions, including rental duration, return policies, and any additional fees for late returns or damages. Read here if you found a perfect Aayka piece. 
  4. Communicate preferences: If you have specific style preferences or customization requests, don't hesitate to communicate them with the rental service. They may be able to accommodate your needs or suggest alternative options.
  5. Schedule fittings: Schedule a fitting appointment with the rental service to try on the outfit before renting. This allows you to ensure the fit and make any necessary adjustments for a comfortable and flattering look.
  6. Plan for accessories: Consider renting or purchasing accessories such as jewelry, footwear, and handbags. Coordinate these accessories with your outfit for a cohesive and polished look.
  7. Budget wisely: Set a budget for renting your outfit and stick to it. Factor in any additional costs such as alterations or accessories to avoid overspending.
  8. Care for the outfit: Treat the rented outfit with care and respect to avoid any damages or stains. Follow the provided care instructions and return the outfit in the same condition as you received it.

By following these practical tips, you can ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience when renting outfits for an Indian wedding. 

Guidance on sizing, fittings, and alterations

  1. Fitting appointments: Schedule a fitting appointment with the rental service to try on the outfit before finalizing your rental. This allows you to ensure the fit is comfortable and flattering.
  2. Communicate preferences: Clearly communicate your preferences and concerns regarding sizing and alterations with the rental service. They are there to help and can provide expert advice to ensure you look your best.
  3. Comfort is key: Pay attention to how the outfit feels when you move and sit. It should be comfortable and allow you to move freely throughout the wedding festivities without any restrictions.


And there you have it – your ultimate rental guide to Indian wedding attire! By following our tips and recommendations, you'll be dressed to impress at every ceremony. So go ahead, embrace the cultural richness of Indian attire, and get ready to dance, laugh, and celebrate in style. After all, life's too short to wear boring clothes – especially when there's a wedding to attend!

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