5 NYC Menswear Stores - Bespoke Indian Clothing

We've scoured the city to find the top 5 custom Indian menswear stores NYC Indian clothing. From elegant reversible vests to vibrant kurtas and luxurious silk sherwanis, these boutiques have it all.

Your custom-tailored Indian wardrobe awaits at these premier NYC destinations.

Why Opt for Bespoke Indian Menswear in NYC?

Bespoke Indian menswear NYC is desirable for several reasons. They include:

1. Personalized Fit

Bespoke menswear provides clothing made to your exact measurements and specifications. Skilled tailors will take your personalized measurements to ensure your wear fits perfectly. Besides having the perfect fit and comfort, a well-fitted tradition respects the cultural significance and craftsmanship behind the attire.

2. Unique Design

Wearing bespoke Indian menswear NYC allows you to make a fashion statement that can't be found anywhere else. You get to choose the quality, color, and style of material to create a one-of-a-kind garment. Owning something totally unique makes you stand out in the best way possible.  

3. Quality 

While bespoke menswear typically costs more, the high-caliber materials and craftsmanship will last far longer. These timeless pieces become a wardrobe investment you can enjoy for years to come.

5 Top Menswear Stores in NYC for Bespoke Indian Clothing

Here are the top 5 traditional menswear NYC stores to find stunning, professionally-made outfits:

1. Aayka Fashion

Aayka Fashion is a premier menswear store for high-quality, tailored Indian clothing in New York City. This brand offers a wide selection of Kurtas, Sherwanis, Bandhgalas, and classic Nehru vests. The store provides an unparalleled bespoke experience, with master South Asian artisans who will customize any garment to your measurements and preferences. This includes looks for grooms, groomsmen, and of course family members!

In addition, for guests of the wedding, Aayka Fashion offers an option to rent menswear including renting sherwanis, jodhpuris and kurtas.

The real beauty of Aayka Fashion is not in the clothes we make but in the lives we change. We want to provide an opportunity for artisans in South Asia to broaden their reach, increase their revenue stream, and ultimately move up the socio-economic ladder. Our commitment to empowerment also includes supporting women's education in South Asia. You can rest assured that for each piece of clothing you buy or rent from Aayka, your money is being channeled to a good cause.

2. Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is an iconic luxury Indian fashion house known for gorgeous, high-quality garments and accessories inspired by traditional Indian crafts. On the Anita Dongre online store, you'll discover breezy Kurtas, and elegant Nehru jackets that catch your eye. You can also find stunning Sherwanis, Bandis, and Bandhgalas.

Prices here aren't for the faint of heart, but you get what you pay for. Fabrics are sustainably and ethically sourced, with many made using traditional Indian techniques. Garments are stitched to perfection and meant to last a lifetime.

Anita Dongre's collections include everything from casual daywear to extravagant wedding pieces, so you're sure to find something, whatever the occasion. Just like Aayka Fashion, Anita Dongre is committed to women empowerment and they show this by training tribal women in rural Maharashtra, India to make garments.

3. Ave India

Located on 468 West Broadway, Ave India is a premier bespoke menswear store specializing in high-quality, tailor-made Indian garments. Their selection of fabrics and textiles is unparalleled, from beautiful signature embroideries to impeccable trendy cuts and eclectic color palettes.

Ave India's collection mainly includes stunning sets of Anuradha, Antar–Agni, authentic Amrapali Jaipur, luxury Andraab, hand-embroidered Arpita Mehta, and more. You can also find some awe-inspiring Shyamal & Bhumika collections, high-quality Seema Gujral, glamorous Vipul Shah, and contemporary Vaya wear.

Ave India is known for staying on the cutting edge of Indian fashion. In addition to traditional styles, you'll find contemporary and fusion pieces that blend Eastern and Western influences. They source textiles from artisans across India, so you'll have the chance to choose from fabrics woven on handlooms for centuries as well as modern prints.

4. Nazrana

Nazrana is a popular bridal boutique known for its bespoke sherwanis and kurta pajamas for men. The store carries everything from Kurtas and open-jackets Sherwanis to statement pieces like men's Indo western suits. For groomsmen attire or other special occasions, Nazrana also provides made-to-measure options for groups.  In addition to suits, they offer other men's accessories such as shoes, safas, and jewelry.

Nazrana works with expert Indian designers to create garments featuring intricate embroidery, vibrant colors, and ornate detailing inspired by traditional Indian craftsmanship.

5. Shop Kynah

Most of Shop Kynah's collections cater to women, but you can also find some amazing menswear made by popular Indian designers such as Arjan Dugal and Diya Rajvvir. Shop Kynah offers a wide selection of traditional Indian attire, from elegant Achkans and Bandis to luxurious Kurtas and Sherwanis. Stunning outfits by Drishti & Zahabia, Devnaagri, House of Masaba, and Mahima Mahajan are also available.

Shop Kynah believes in making the next generation feel proud of their cultural heritage and empowering them through self-expression on their most special days. They aim to provide an authentic Indian clothing experience, with attention to detail in every stitch.

Whether you're searching for everyday essentials or formal attire for a special occasion like a wedding or festival, Shop Kynah is the premier destination to check. Treat yourself to an exclusive shopping experience and high-quality craftsmanship at this reputable boutique.  

Things to Consider When Renting or Buying Menswear in NYC

Whether you want to rent Indian menswear NYC or rent for a special occasion, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Occasion Suitability

Some outfits are best suited for specific events like wedding day, sangeet nights or more casual haldi events. Sherwanis, for example, are great for a more formal evening event, but probably too formal for a day-time wedding event.  Bandhgala or the Jodhpuri is a modern cut which would make it great for a sangeet or reception, while Kurtas and Vests are more suitable to wear to the wedding, haldi, garba or mehendi.

2. Rental Duration

If renting, determine how long you need the clothing for. Consider the duration of the event and any alterations to ensure you have enough time. Rental prices typically increase for longer periods. At Aayka fashion the rental duration is 5 days with an option to extend if need be.

3. Maintenance & Care

Understand the care requirements and cleaning instructions for any rented or purchased clothing. Some items may require dry cleaning while others can be machine washed. Pay attention to labels to properly maintain your menswear.

4. Budget

If you only need Indian formalwear for an event like a wedding or festival, renting may save you money versus buying. Renting also allows you to wear lavish styles you may not want to own outright. But if you fall in love with a particular attire, make no haste to make it yours.

Aayka Fashion's Exclusive Menswear Collection

Here are some standout pieces from AaykaFashion's menswear collection, detailing the craftsmanship, materials, and design aesthetics.







Bespoke Indian menswear in New York City offers an unparalleled opportunity to own customized, high-quality pieces steeped in rich cultural tradition. With the guidance of skilled tailors and a wide range of exclusive fabrics and trims to choose from, you can craft a wardrobe that is uniquely yours.

Whether you're looking to go all out for your wedding sherwani or just want to add a killer kurta to your weekend rotation, our store has you covered. Head over to our gallery and check out our stunning collections.

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